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By default, Django’s admin provides a permission widget which looks like this:


There are several problems with this widget:

  • the permission description is cut, see the fourth line: ‘admin_test_autocomplete | bar | Can add l’. The administrator will not be able to read it and might report it as a bug.
  • it proposes permissions for admin.logentry. The administrator will not understand what this is about and will ask you about it.
  • it uses a widget which might be new to the administrator and he might ask how to use it.

The purpose of this app is to provide a better widget for selecting permissions as well as an easy way to replace the default permissions widget in your admin site. It will look like this:



  • Maintained against Python 2.7
  • and Django 1.5

Quick Install

  • Install the latest release via: pip install django-permissions-widget.
  • Add to settings.INSTALLED_APPS, after django.contrib.admin which we want to override: ‘permissions_widget’,. If you are using custom user modeal as for Django 1.5 - you have to add ‘permissions_widget’, after the app, that contains your custom user model.

That’s it ! You should have a sane permissions widget now.



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